Bugged Out

Dear Reader (Including those of you who never read Plato’s Apology of Socrates all the way to the end),

So I’ve written and talked (on back-to-back episodes of the Remnant) more about Jews in the last couple of days than I have in the previous couple of years. I’m pretty burnt out on the subject. Indeed, I’m pretty burnt out on politics, too. So if you’re looking for punditry from this “news”letter I want to warn you now: Look elsewhere (we’ve got plenty of the good stuff here at The Dispatch).

It annoys me a bit to have to say this, but what annoys me even more are people who complain that I didn’t get to the subject they thought I should write about even though I warned them up front—like just now—that it wasn’t going to happen.  

They sometimes remind me of that scene in The Jerk when Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) brings his girlfriend (Bernadette Peters) to a snooty French restaurant and gets served escargot.

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