New Class and Neocons

Dear Reader (Including acolytes of the Apis Bull(sh*tter)),

Yesterday, a bunch of people—at least I assume they were people—emailed me a piece by Scott Alexander. They wrote: “What do you think?” “Would love to see a G-File on this.” “Click this link to meet Russian girls who really dig you!” Whoops, sorry, that was a different email.

Anyway, I read these emails with some dread. I had planned to write about Bill Kristol’s trial balloon that anti-Trump Republicans become Democrats, but it sounded like Alexander’s piece was worth addressing. So, I read it this morning. And the good news is: I can write about both. Let’s start with Alexander’s“Modest Proposal.”

Alexander, a truly brilliant writer I’ve learned a great deal from, makes the case that the GOP should spend more time talking about class. I’m going to quote a long passage, but please don’t hold that against my own word count since this is going to be a very long G-File. He writes:

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