During Run for Governor, Tom Suozzi Has Voted in Person Just Three Days in 2022

Good morning. We’re bringing a special Wednesday edition of Uphill your way today. Our SCOTUS reporting superseded this story yesterday, and we knew you wouldn’t want to wait all the way until Friday for another look at House proxy voting abuse.

Suozzi Among Three Democrats Relying on Proxy Voting Amid Gubernatorial Campaigns

It’s officially a trend: Another Democratic lawmaker is among those using the House’s pandemic voting system to skip work in Congress this year while eyeing a governor’s mansion.

New York Rep. Tom Suozzi has more than aspirations for statewide office in common with Reps. Kai Kahele and Charlie Crist: He’s been overwhelmingly voting by proxy in the House this year, enabling extra time face-to-face with voters. 

The Dispatch’s analysis of Suozzi’s votes in 2022 is striking: He has voted in person only five times since the start of the year, over the course of three days in January. 

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