Holy Rollers

Commentary ‘s Noah Rothman makes an overdue return to the Remnant to discuss his new book, The Rise of the New Puritans, which compares today’s woke progressives with their pious ancestors. Alternating between vigorous agreement and spirited debate, Noah and Jonah explore the morality of wokeism, the state of sex and comedy, and what’s behind mankind’s puritanical impulse. They also touch on the importance of staying in your lane, the future of safetyism in American life, and whether Mike Pence should be disqualified from pursuing another presidential bid.

Show Notes:

Noah’s page at Commentary

Noah’s new book, The Rise of the New Puritans

Noah: “Joyless on the Fourth”

Josh Barro on Elon Musk

George McKenna’s The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism

Noah: “The January 6 Commission’s Biggest Reveal”

The Remnant with FTC Commissioner Noah Phillips

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