Say It Loud

Jonah makes an unexpected return to the AEI studio for another in-person Remnant, this time featuring Keith Whittington, beloved egghead and Princeton political scientist. A deep dive ensues into America’s unique preoccupation with free speech and the nature of academic freedom, which raises a number of pertinent questions. How concerned should we be about the state of free speech on college campuses? What are some common misconceptions about academic freedom? And what should we make of Ron DeSantis’ approach to these issues? Those feeling free and expressive are particularly encouraged to tune in.

Show Notes:

Keith’s page at Princeton

Keith: “Hamline Takes Quashing Academic Freedom to a Whole New Level”

Keith: “Academic Freedom for Whom?”

Nathan Glazer: “What Happened at Berkeley”

From the New College of Florida to DeSantis U?

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