Vlad to the Bone

Animated by a week’s worth of pent-up rage—inspired by the nonsensical prattling of would-be authoritarians and the dupes who love them—Jonah brings a cantankerous energy to today’s Ruminant, which quickly devolves into a rant of titanic proportions. He begins with some brief thoughts on Joe Biden’s rumored plans to announce his re-election campaign, before diving into an obscure Edmund Burke speech and its implications for the modern conservative movement. Then, an exceedingly curmudgeonly rant ensues against the totalitarian instinct driving factions of the Republican Party. When will the grownups return to American politics?

Show Notes:

Christine Rosen’s Remnant appearance

Edmund Burke’s “Speech in Commons on India, 1783”

Jonah: “The Ties That Blind”

Jonah rants about the New York Young Republican Club

Learning from Vlad the Impaler?

Noah Rothman’s piece on JD Vance

The Bull Moose Project’s director being a jackanape

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