McCaul Pushes for State Department’s Afghanistan Docs

Plus: A researcher calls for Congress to sanction Xi Jinping.

House GOP’s Afghanistan Investigation Kicks Off

Members will examine the chaotic August 2021 evacuation of Afghan allies.

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The Taliban’s Gender Apartheid Regime

Two decades of advances for women have disappeared in 13 months.

The U.S. Looks Poised to Leave Vulnerable Afghans Behind Again

The State Department signals it’s closing up shop at a compound for displaced Afghans in Abu Dhabi.

Recounting the U.S. Failure in Afghanistan

A new congressional report spells out how the Biden administration bungled last year’s withdrawal.

Lawmakers Still Wrestle With Biden’s Chaotic Afghanistan Withdrawal

A year after Kabul fell to the Taliban, Americans and Afghans still struggle with its bloody ramifications.

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Biden’s Misleading Parallel Between Syria and Afghanistan

He says the killing of ISIS leader Maher al Agal in Syria shows that over-the-horizon counterterror works, but it ignores key differences between the two countries.

The Impossible Choices for Pakistan’s Afghan Refugees

Refugees fleeing the Taliban turn to their neighbor but find little hope.