How Much Immigration Power Does Joe Biden Have?

A complex landscape of authorities and constraints limits what presidents can do without Congress.

Quitting Time

Traditional Republicans are ditching Congress—with one curious exception.

The Fast and the Furious

Send the immigration bill to the House.

The Senate Foreign-Aid-and-Border Package Is Mostly Dead

The Republican House has no truck for the deal brokered by Senate negotiators.

It’s Time to Pass the Kids Online Safety Act

Social media is contributing to unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, and self-harm in adolescents.

Let Parents, Not Politicians, Keep Kids Safe Online

Regulating social media behavior for kids runs into privacy trade-offs most Americans won’t tolerate.

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Discarding the Chevron Doctrine Will Not Fix Congress

But reducing warped electoral incentives might.

A Tale of Two Speakers

Mike Johnson, Sam Rayburn, and the path to clear a legislative logjam.

‘Changing Politics’ Threaten Senate Immigration Deal

A bipartisan border security package in the upper chamber teeters on the brink.

Congress Avoids a Shutdown … For Now

The House and Senate pass another laddered continuing resolution to fund the government until early March.

Congress Moves to Expand the Child Tax Credit

The bipartisan sponsors hope to pass the measure before tax season.

Another Year, Another Congressional Funding Deal

A tentative compromise to keep the government running comes down to the wire.

What the House Is Losing With Patrick McHenry’s Retirement

When the North Carolina Republican leaves office one year from today, he will be taking a lot of institutional knowledge with him.

Mike Johnson’s Christmas Vacation

Plus: A look at how a viable third-party candidate could throw the 2024 election into chaos.

Ukraine Funding at Impasse over Immigration

The debate about the supplemental funding plan goes off the rails.

A Small Step Toward Seriousness

George Santos gave Congress more than enough reasons to expel him.