New Congressional Tensions Flare Over Israel

Infighting among Democrats accompanies President Isaac Herzog’s visit to Washington.

Washington’s Crime Problem

D.C. leaders are struggling to deal with a wave of violence.

Approval of Annual Defense Bill Is a Victory for House Hardliners

Conservatives won votes on culture war issues, but their version will be dead on arrival in the Senate.

Joe Biden’s New Debt Forgiveness Plan, Explained

The Higher Education Act of 1965 is more permissive than the HEROES Act but still has limits.

Afghanistan After-Action Report Fuels GOP Oversight Plans

Plus: An interview with Sen. Jeff Merkley on China policy.

Why Judicial Restraint Is Now Seen as Judicial Activism

In striking down Biden’s loan forgiveness, the Supreme Court upheld the separation of powers.

Will New Hunter Biden Claims Lead to Impeachments?

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Extremism In Defense of Moderation Is No Virtue

A new book dares Congress to legislate again.

Congress Gears up for (Another) Spending Fight

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A Senate Committee Takes a Partisan Turn

Under Bernie Sanders’ chairmanship, political messaging is displacing bipartisan legislating.

The Section 702 Reauthorization Debate, Explained

Experts and politicians want reform of the controversial surveillance measure.

Ukraine’s Battle for Capitol Hill

The future of American aid to the embattled nation will be shaped by the counteroffensive now underway.

Representation vs. Democracy

Not all representative bodies are democratic, and not everything should be democratized.

Republicans Lean Into Defunding the (Federal) Police

Plus: Kevin McCarthy and his detractors reach a deal to resume House votes.

The Debt Ceiling Deal’s Energy Provisions, Explained

The Fiscal Responsibility Act tweaked the permitting process, but more comprehensive changes could come later this year.