Foreign Policy

The Growing Danger of the Iranian Cyber Threat

The Islamic Republic’s hostile actions against Israel and its Arab allies demonstrate the need for American leadership.

The Japan-South Korea Thaw

In the face of threats from China and North Korea, can America’s East Asian allies find ways to cooperate despite a painful past?

Going to War Over Taiwan: Who Decides?

Even if Biden could justify U.S. intervention without congressional approval, it’s politically important to have the legislative branch on board.

The Rise of Xi Jinping’s China

Former National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley on the risk of competition turning into confrontation: A Dispatch Q&A.

A Warning to the U.S. From Brazil and Iran 

A docking by Iranian warships in Rio de Janeiro challenges the Biden administration.

A Time for American Stability—and Power

Our allies are pondering whether we are still a superpower.

Cocaine Bear

Russia’s war, one year later.

A Congressional Fight Against Isolationism

The For Country Caucus wants Congress to take a bigger role in foreign policy.

Nuclear Breakout or Just Holes in the Ground? 

By some measures China’s atomic arsenal has become more formidable than America’s.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Presidents are increasingly reticent to talk about national security. No wonder Americans are less engaged.

Sanctions Have Hurt Iran’s Aviation Sector, But Not Enough

There is more the U.S. can do to keep the Islamic Republic from using planes to support dictators and terrorists.

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Breaking the Deadlock in Ukraine

As Moscow and Kyiv consider large-scale offensives, the West weighs sending new types of weaponry.

America Cannot Afford to Ignore the Western Balkans

The war on terror shifted U.S. focus away from the region. Adversaries have noticed.

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The Price of Putin’s War

From activism to retrenchment in the Middle East.

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A Global Hostage Crisis

How Washington tries to prevent international adversaries from using captive Americans as leverage: A Dispatch Explainer.

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America’s New European Opportunity

New leaders in Italy and Sweden don’t see eye-to-eye with Biden on every issue, but they’re offering a distinctly pro-American foreign policy.