‘Every Single County Is Now a Border County’

Republicans look to dysfunction at the U.S.-Mexico border to animate their base.

Plan to Grant More Green Cards to STEM Graduates Resurfaces

The measure has support from the Pentagon but faces hurdles in the Senate.

A Solution to the Coming Global Migration Crisis

Western nations cannot possibly take in everyone who will seek asylum in the next few decades.

The D.C. Border Town

Washington officials finally step up as migrant busing shows no signs of slowing down.

Reforming Our Asylum and Refugee Programs Would Be Good for Everyone

Streamlining the process would help Americans and migrants alike, and it would improve border security.

It’s Not That Immigrants Are Unwilling to ‘Wait Their Turn’

The problem is that there are so few paths to lawful residence and citizenship.

Conservatives Should See Immigrants as Allies, Not Adversaries

Democrats have alienated working class Hispanics, and that provides the right with an opportunity.

Florida’s Fight With Faith Groups Over Unaccompanied Minors

A Ron DeSantis executive order may prevent shelters and foster families from housing migrant children.