NATO’s Funding, Explained

How much do NATO members contribute to the alliance?

Trump’s Latest NATO Threats

The former president has ramped up his rhetoric against the alliance on the campaign trail. Should he be taken literally?

Reading Between the Lies

Trump’s fact-free rant against NATO is more about bolstering his argument against Ukraine funding.

Another Trump Term Is a Grave Threat to NATO

And he wouldn’t even have to be a ‘dictator on Day 1’ to pull it off.

Fact-Checking Claims About British Troops Headed to Ukraine

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has walked back comments by the U.K. defense secretary.

A Historically Bad Day for Kevin McCarthy

Plus: How one New Jersey senator’s alleged crime could benefit Sweden’s NATO bid.

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Ukraine Keeps Fighting While Its Allies Ponder More Support

Volodymyr Zelensky’s U.S. visit comes as Ukraine notches small victories on the front lines.

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How a Second Trump Term Could Destroy NATO

Withdrawing support from Ukraine would start a chain reaction.

U.S. Reservists to Boost NATO

Plus: Biden administration blocks Wuhan lab from further funding.

The Path to NATO Withdrawal, Explained

The Senate moves to restrict the president’s authority to leave the trans-Atlantic alliance.

Fact Check: Does the U.S. Spend 4 Percent of Economic Output Defending NATO Countries?

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s claim about defense spending doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Surprise and Frustration at the NATO Summit

Turkey drops its opposition to Swedish accession, but Ukraine is left with uncertainty.

U.S. to Send Cluster Munitions to Ukraine

The transfer of the powerful but dangerous weaponry sparks controversy at home and abroad.

Emmanuel Macron’s Ukraine Charm Offensive

The French president’s change of heart on NATO membership seems cynical.

Sweden’s Stalled NATO Bid, Explained

Turkey and Hungary resist mounting pressure to approve Sweden’s membership in the alliance.