Nuclear Weapons

Nukes in Space May Not Be Imminent, but We Need to Prepare

When international tensions spill over into space, it's not just satellites at risk.

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Israel Missed Its Moment

It might have had a chance to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions a few years ago, but the Middle East has changed.

To Understand ‘Oppenheimer,’ Look Back at Prometheus

Christopher Nolan’s film, like the Greek myth, refuses to simply glorify its protagonist.

The U.S. Still Looks for a Nuclear ‘Understanding’ with Iran

The latest effort to constrain the Islamic Republic’s enrichment program faces several hurdles.

Nuclear Breakout or Just Holes in the Ground? 

By some measures China’s atomic arsenal has become more formidable than America’s.

Saudi Nuclear Ambitions Could Upend the Middle East

And there are steps the U.S. can take to ward them off.

Will South Korea Go Nuclear?

As Pyongyang grows its nuclear arsenal, Seoul considers its atomic options.

How to Really Turn the Screws on North Korea

Unprecedented missile tests deserve a more serious diplomatic and economic response.

How to Launch a Nuclear Strike

And other things I’ve been thinking about.

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Anticipate

However unlikely a nuclear strike might be, we’ve not done nearly enough to prepare.

The Mystery of the Missing Nuclear Posture Review

The document, one of our most important national policy statements, has been completed. But our allies are waiting for an unclassified version.

Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control: Old Myths and New Realities

While we have been on a ‘modernization holiday’ our geopolitical foes have been building and deploying new nuclear forces.