Republican Party

Our Best Stuff From the Week Donald Trump Roiled the Abortion Debate

The presumptive Republican nominee said policy should be left to the states—until Arizona all but banned the procedure altogether.

The Messianic Temptation

From Obama to Trump, the left and right have treated their leaders with quasi-religious devotion.

Social Media Posts Take a Maine Legislator’s Comments About ‘Nazis’ Out of Context

Maine state Rep. Laurel Libby was referencing a specific demonstration held by a local neo-Nazi group.

Old Lessons for the New Right

What a Depression-era farm program gone awry shows about the limits of federal power.

The Michigan GOP’s Online Wars Could Last Through Election Day

Plus: A look at Biden’s standing with Catholic voters.

Get Ready for the Veepstakes

What is Donald Trump looking for in a running mate?

A Change in GOP Senate Leadership Could Mean Filibuster Reform

Sen. John Cornyn once sought to change the filibuster for judicial nominees. Would he be willing to go further as Republican leader?

Cold Cash Comfort for Democrats in 2024

Plus: Will two unpopular presidential candidates dampen voter turnout?

Americans Have the Power to Demand and Deliver Better

Minority factions disrupt political stability. What could a dissident majority do?

The 20 Percent

Tuesday’s primary results undermine Trump’s next “rigged election” scam.

The Benefit of the Doubt

On Mike Pence and ‘bloodbaths.’

A Fight for Two Different GOPs in Ohio’s Senate Primary

Plus: Why Democrats are boosting the Trump-backed Bernie Moreno.

What’s a Non-White Voter Anyway?

Lumping together every person not of wholly European ancestry into one group is not particularly edifying.

Why GOP Voters Are Sticking With Donald Trump

Their enthusiastic support clashes with that of hesitant elected Republicans

The GOP Is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Trumpism

Donald Trump is no longer an outsider. He is the establishment.

The Post-Filibuster Age

It’s coming—but maybe not as soon as we expect.