Republican Party

Aren’t You Embarrassed?

The endless cringe of the Trump-era right.

A House Divided

The national vote for the House of Representatives suggests a politics stuck in neutral.

Are You Tired of Losing Yet?

A question for the GOP headed into 2024.

What Do the Grassroots Do Now?

In Arizona and Georgia, MAGA state parties face reprisals and irrelevance.

Republican Officials Are Getting Awfully Quiet About Donald Trump

The same party leaders who condemned the Mar-a-Lago search have had a muted reaction to Merrick Garland’s special counsel announcement.

Trump Is About to Wreck His Legacy

Something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

The Pennsylvania GOP’s Pushover Primary

Some Republicans in the Keystone State say this year’s election results show ‘how weak’ their party is.

Strength In Numbers

How a crowded 2024 primary field could hurt Trump.

Are Republicans Ready for Change Yet?

The party is badly out of step with the electorate.

Be Careful What You Covet

The wrong desires can drive you to ignore good advice and your own conscience.

Kook Waterloo

Election denialism might be fading.

Mitch McConnell Comes Out on Top

The Senate minority leader predicted he would retain leadership of Senate Republicans despite a challenge from Rick Scott. He was right.

House Republicans Choose Their Fighter

Plus: Will moderates flex any muscle? And a look at Democrats’ debt ceiling calculus.

Ditch Mitch?

A handful of GOP senators want to delay Wednesday’s party leadership vote, but they have yet to offer an alternative to Mitch McConnell.