Republican Party

Learning From Mistakes

Lately one party has done a better job of it than the other.

Stirewaltisms: The Problem of Policy in Politics

What happens when politicians decide that getting power to do the right things makes it necessary to say the wrong things.

One Cheer for Heckling

Can an already degraded event be diminished?

Falling in Line, Not in Love

How outraged right-wingers actually boost support for Biden.

The Only Way Out Is Through

On Trump and ‘actuarial arbitrage.’

Nemesis Is a Comedian

And all addictions lead to degradation.

What Democracy Looks Like

The messy vote for the speakership shows how the sausage gets made.

Trump the Moderate

What if the 'craziest SOB in the race' isn’t anymore?

The Agonizingly Low Stakes of Today’s Vote for House Speaker

It’s a bad job at a bad time for the party.

‘America’s Recovery Potential Is Awesome’

But it won’t come through politics. An exit interview with Sen. Ben Sasse.

The George Santos Defense

‘Has not been convicted of felony fraud’ is a pretty low bar to clear.

Metro Cons

America’s ‘urban-rural divide’ is more fiction than fact.

The GOP Braces for Divided Government—and a Divided Party

GOP centrists are trying to find their footing in a chaotic caucus.

Lying Liars and the Party That Loves Them

Who would take Republicans seriously if they showed outrage about George Santos?

Apres Trump, Le Deluge

As Trump fades, populist infighting accelerates.

The Talented Mr. Santos

How much lying is too much?