Republican Party

GOP Calls to Abolish the Department of Education, Explained

The department has been controversial since its inception, but it’s difficult to eliminate a Cabinet department.

Politics of Principle, Politics of Power

And what happens when you forgo the former for the latter.

The ‘Mean to Mitt’ Theory

Enough already.

For Glenn Youngkin, Home Is Where the Heart Appears to Be

The Virginia governor is managing endless chatter about 2024 but seems laser-focused on flipping the state Senate.

Dave McCormick to Announce Pennsylvania Senate Run in Pittsburgh

The Republican has broad support for the nomination to face Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.

The Party’s Over

Farewell to Mitt Romney and the right as we knew it.

Base Assumptions

Why identity politics and the ‘Real America’ fallacy are bad for our politics.

The Liberation of the Self-Anointed

On the radical zealotry of the right today.

Mike Pence to Decry Republican Populism in New Hampshire Speech

Plus, Vivek Ramaswamy pitches his America First vision, and Glenn Youngkin’s PAC rakes in cash.

The No-Values Party

The modern Republican Party has no principles, but plenty of contradictions and incoherence.

Mitch McConnell’s Future as Leader Uncertain Following Second Freeze-Up 

Plus: A prominent New Hampshire donor says he’s warming to Ron DeSantis.

A Pivotal Moment for Ukraine

The counteroffensive grinds on, but U.S. support could be on the verge of drying up.

He Looks Hard

Can a party be reactionary and countercultural?

The Elephant Not in the Room

Wednesday’s GOP presidential primary debate was full of fireworks, but will it matter?

A Debate About Nothing, and Everything

High stakes and low in Milwaukee.

It’s Republican Debate Day in America

Plus: Democrats discuss their voter turnout strategy for 2024.