Third Parties

Labeling the Third-Party Movement

No Labels seeks to do what no third-party White House bid in recent memory has achieved—win.

Nikki Haley Courts New Hampshire Voters Who Dread Trump-Biden Rematch

Plus: No Labels suggests criminal charges for its critics.

Mike Johnson’s Christmas Vacation

Plus: A look at how a viable third-party candidate could throw the 2024 election into chaos.

No Labels Rethinking Strategy Amid Stumbles

The nonpartisan group is still preparing to elevate a 2024 ticket.

How the 2024 Election Could Get Weird

Evaluating the prospect of viable, competitive third-party candidates.

Manchin’s Moment for a No Labels Relabel

A lot is up in the air for the non-party party, but having the outgoing senator raising cash and stumping for attention makes sense.

The Third-Party Paradox

An independent choice has never been more appealing. Or more dangerous.

Rise of the Independents

But not of third parties.