Wagner Group

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Africa After Yevgeny Prigozhin

The mercenary leader’s death gives the Russian government an opportunity to wield more power and influence in Africa.

Russia After Rebellion

The U.S. hasn’t done enough to take advantage of the aftermath of the bizarre mutiny.

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Vladimir Putin’s Crisis Averted—For Now

The Wagner Group’s move on Moscow may be over, but a Russian collapse could be on the horizon.

Coup to Form

An inept putsch attempt mirrors the ineptitude of Russia’s war.

Taking Putin Down a Peg

Wagner Group head launches mutiny in Russia but calls it off before reaching Moscow.

A City—and a Warlord—Under Siege

How the fight for Bakhmut became the venue for a Russian power struggle.

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Does Putin Have a ‘Shadow Army’?

Wagner Group mercenaries have suffered setbacks in Ukraine but still maintain a global footprint: A Dispatch Explainer.