Audrey Baker

Audrey Baker is an intern for The Dispatch.

Audrey Baker

GOP Calls to Abolish the Department of Education, Explained

The department has been controversial since its inception, but it’s difficult to eliminate a Cabinet department.

Oklahoma’s New Catholic Charter School, Explained

St. Isidore would be funded with taxpayer money, which raises First Amendment questions.

Hunter Biden’s Art Sale Allegations, Explained

A report that the president’s son was aware of two buyers of his paintings has sparked controversy, but key questions remain unknown.

Ohio’s Abortion Amendment, Explained

The attempt to relax abortion restrictions will likely be the only abortion-related state referendum this year.

The Path to NATO Withdrawal, Explained

The Senate moves to restrict the president’s authority to leave the trans-Atlantic alliance.

Washington’s Crime Problem

D.C. leaders are struggling to deal with a wave of violence.

Joe Biden’s New Debt Forgiveness Plan, Explained

The Higher Education Act of 1965 is more permissive than the HEROES Act but still has limits.

The Birthright Citizenship Debate, Explained

Political debates over interpretations of the 14th Amendment aren’t new.

The Military’s Recruiting Crisis

Defense officials are trying to figure out how to reverse projected shortfalls for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The Fight Over Renaming Military Posts, Explained

Why are Republican presidential candidates calling for Confederate names to be reinstated?