Behnam Ben Taleblu

Behnam Ben Taleblu is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) in Washington D.C., where he contributes to FDD’S Center on Economic and Financial Power (CEFP) and Iran program.

Behnam Ben Taleblu
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Lax Sanctions Enforcement Has Yielded a Windfall for Iran

The regime has made much more on oil sales since Biden took office.

Biden’s Iran Policy After the Protests

The recent wave of unrest is an opportunity to reset America’s approach to the Islamic Republic.

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Protests in Iran Are Surging. The Biden Administration Can Help.

U.S. policy can no longer afford to be limited to seeking a new nuclear deal.

North Korea Looks to Capitalize on Washington’s Attention Deficit

A serious problem does not go away if you ignore it.

New Iran Nuclear Deal? Same Old Missile Problems.

The U.S. and Europe ignore Iranian missile tech developments at their own peril.

Biden’s Misguided Blame Game on Iran

After a year in office, the president now owns the policy impasse.

From ‘Maximum Pressure’ to ‘Minimal Resistance’

The Biden administration has barely responded to Iran’s escalation of its nuclear program.

A Sign That Iran Is Still Pursuing Nukes

Iranian media have reported on the identity of the new head of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear research institute.

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What Iran Has Learned From Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle

Like other adversaries, it is more emboldened, willing to take more risks, and appear less restrained by the prospect of American military power.

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Back to the Drawing Board on Iran

Shifting course to a better policy is more critical than ever in the wake of Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.