James C. Capretta

James C. Capretta

Republicans Should Push Back on Economic Populism, Not Embrace It

They are very unlikely to ever outdo Democrats on policy, and the country would be better off if the GOP embraced free trade.

The Public Option Debate Moves to Colorado

With no hope for action by Congress, states are try to push insurers into offering plans that adhere to strict regulations. The health sector is skeptical.

Why Attempts to Compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan Fall Flat

They both appealed to working class Americans, but Reagan was committed to serious reforms.

Biden’s Year of Underachievement on Health Care

The president could still advance a few of his agenda items, but their prospects have dimmed.

Where Does Our Vaccine Supply Stand as Booster Shots Are Approved?

Boosters will reduce the number of doses that we can send to other countries.

Expand Medicare? How About We Fix It First?

Last week, the Biden administration and congressional Democrats announced an agreement to pursue a $3.5 ...

Tracking the Trillions

Biden promises to pay for his ambitious plans with tax hikes. What about the stuff we're already supposed to be paying for?

Biden Has a New Vaccine Goal. It’s Still Too Low.

Supply is increasing to the point that even inoculating 4 million people a day would leave tens of millions of doses unused at the beginning of June.

Could We Be Looking at a Vaccine Glut?

Soon, we’ll have enough supply to administer 4 million shots a day. We need to ramp up the processes for getting shots into arms.

Is the U.S. Holdup of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine Justified?

The clamor for its approval is understandable, but there are good reasons to ensure that it is effective enough.