Joseph Hammond

Joseph Hammond
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The Little Country That Could Be a Big Help Fighting Terror and Extremism

Kosovo has been proactive both in countering creeping Iranian influence in the Balkans and in confronting its own terrorist problem.

Now Is Not the Time to Abandon Mali

As long as the Sahel region remains unstable, illegal migrants see it as a highway to Europe. Plus, it will be viewed as a victory for jihadists.

Why the Sudan-Israel Deal Might Be the Most Important Yet

It’s received less attention than other Abraham Accord agreements, but the two countries have long had a fraught history.

Will Allies Follow U.S Lead On Uighur Sanctions?

Japan and some European nations are beginning to take note.

Meet the Man Who Was Our First Multiracial Vice President

Charles Curtis, Herbert Hoover's running mate, was part Native American.

Can ‘The Quad’ Work Together to Contain Chinese Aggression?

The Trump administration has worked to strengthen strategic ties among India, Australia, Japan, and the United States.

China’s Fishing Fleet Is A Growing Security Threat

It's being used to stake a claim to the South China Sea, but it’s also engaging in illegal fishing outside of East Asia

Is NATO Preparing for a New Mission in Africa?

China and Russia are seeking to gain influence in the region. The West should consider its strategy.