Nicolaus Mills

Nicolaus Mills
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What the Spanish Civil War Can Teach Us About Ukraine

A forgotten John McCain tribute to Delmer Berg resonates today as reminder of the value in acting on our ideals.

A Marshall Plan for Ukraine?

As the 75th anniversary of George Marshall’s speech on rebuilding Europe approaches, it’s unclear whether the West’s vast resources will be enough to help Ukraine.

Theranos’ Third Man

Like film noir villain Harry Lime, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' crimes aren't just financial: They've harmed medical patients.

Bob Dole’s Lifetime of Service

He paid his dues in World War II, and he never forgot those who helped him when he came home.

What Simone Biles Achieved—For Herself and Others

She’s shown how mental health is just as crucial as physical health for high-level athletes.

Liz Cheney at High Noon

How the Republican representative's lonely stand parallels that of Marshal Will Kane.

What a Decades-Old Experiment Can Teach Us About Derek Chauvin and George Floyd

Stanley Milgram discovered that obedience to authority has a powerful hold.

History Offers Biden a Way Forward on Russia

George Kennan's Long Telegram still resonates 75 years later.

Mark Twain Understood What Motivated Mobs

Revisiting a 1901 essay on the rise of lynchings.