World Events

Who Will Be the Next NATO Secretary-General?

A race between the Dutch prime minister and Romanian president highlights geographic tensions.

Everybody Said ‘Never Again’

Two contemporary studies in genocide.

Russia’s Predetermined Election

Vladimir Putin claims a fifth term as president.

The Battle to Deliver Humanitarian Aid

As Israel tries to ramp up the delivery of food and other supplies to Gaza, Hamas may have other ideas.

Haiti’s Violent Crisis Continues

Political squabbles at home and abroad lead to a worsening situation in Haiti.

Ukrainians on the Front Line Reflect on a War Still Raging

‘The best medicine is artillery.’

U.S. Ships Depart for Gaza

The Biden administration begins the military-led construction of a temporary pier in the Mediterranean.

When Iran Goes Nuclear

The Islamic Republic will be even more aggressive toward Israel and improve its standing with Russia and China.

Israel, Gaza, and the ‘Day After’ Dilemma

Key stakeholders remain divided over postwar Palestinian governance.

The End of the Road for Haley

Plus: Can Haiti pull out of its doom spiral?

The Many Problems With Accusing Israel of ‘Genocide’ in Gaza

There’s plenty of room to criticize its actions without going that far.

Ceasefire Negotiations Again Sputter Between Israel and Hamas

The U.S. increases calls for a humanitarian pause and the return of hostages.

The Israel-Hamas War at Day 150

Hamas continues to disrupt the path to peace in the conflict it began five months ago.

Sweden’s NATO Bid Is Approved

After blocking the move for more than a year, Hungary clears the way for Sweden’s accession.

For Front Line Ukrainian Troops, American Dithering is Devastating to Morale

‘I need to do my job in the best way I can. That’s it.’

Ukraine’s Moral Reality

Wanting to help the country fend off Russian aggression isn’t pie-eyed idealism.