Stop the Squeal, Revisited

(Photo by Ty O'Neil/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images)

A week before the November midterms I speculated that the results could very belatedly shake the faith of Republicans convinced that the 2020 election was illegitimate.

A red wave was inbound, after all. How would MAGA diehards reconcile their conviction that the system is rigged with impending victories by Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and Herschel Walker?

Should the GOP win across the board, including MAGA candidates who were cracked up to be unelectable, the idea that Trump lost in 2020 because he was cheated rather than because voters were sick of him will become … complicated. The voting machines are capable of producing conservative wins, it turns out, which should have been evident to election truthers after House Republicans went 27-for-27 in 2020. In particular, if cranks like Lake and Masters win, the theory that a shadowy cabal is conspiring to keep populists out of office via massive fraud will be on thin ice.

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