Every Day I’m Shoveling

Jonah brings 2022 to a close in typically freewheeling fashion on today’s Ruminant, which aims to provide a minimal amount of crushing morosity. He kicks things off by exploring the Southwest Airlines meltdown and why airline disasters are uniquely infuriating, before turning to the inefficiency of big government, how pandemics and other crises can affect economies, and what can go wrong when we mix up our gemeinschafts. Plus, stick around for a discussion of how fusion power could solve our environmental problems, some obligatory Marx bashing, and a few words about the state of The Dispatch. Happy New Year!

Show Notes:

Ezekiel Emanuel: “Covid Isn’t the Only Reason Children’s Vaccination Rates Are Falling”

The Remnant with Scott Lincicome

The Economist: “The great inflation of the 1500s is echoing eerily today”

Jerry Muller’s The Mind and the Market

Wednesday’s “news”letter

David Bahnsen: “Put Not Your Trust in Princes”

Jim Pethokoukis on the state of nuclear fusion

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