How to Bury a Billionaire

Back in the USA—but sadly not back at chez dingo—Jonah’s in a particularly exhausted state on today’s Remnant. It doesn’t help that his original plan for this episode—a fun, substance-free conversation with Sarah Isgur—was thwarted by the latest Trump indictment news, which forces the duo to engage in some actual serious discussion on the subject. They explore whether the indictment holds up to scrutiny, how the field of GOP candidates should respond to it, and whether Trump could rightly be convicted under criminal law. Then, as a bonus feature, Jonah taps into another area of Sarah’s expertise—she’s both the mother and wife of a male—to examine how we can address the challenges facing men in civil society. It’s an episode so informative, you’ll wonder why that niche legal podcast even exists.

Show Notes:

The Collision, Sarah and Mike Warren’s new newsletter

Sarah and Mike on the new Trump indictment

The Morning Dispatch, three strikes edition

Jonah: “Who Are the Real Kingmakers? Voters.”

Nate Cohn: “Yes, Biden and Trump Are Tied”

Christine Emba: “Men Are Lost. Here’s a Map Out of the Wilderness.”

Jonah: “The New Right Is Neither New nor Right”

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