I See You

The Remnant kicks off 2023 in appropriately rank fashion today, as Megan McArdle returns to the program for some eggheady musings on what the new year could bring for our legislative branch, parties, and broader political culture. She and Jonah begin by examining the state of Congress and what we can do to fix it, before turning to some pressing questions. Will cryptocurrency conquer the world? How does transparency harm institutions? And will the Republican Party start inching back toward sanity anytime soon?

Show Notes:

– Megan’s page at the Washington Post

– Jonah: “So Congress is a mess. It’s supposed to be messy”

– The Economist: “How Is Ukraine Using Crypto to Fund the War?”

– Matt Levine: “The Crypto Story”

– The Remnant with Russ Roberts

– Jonah: “The Worst Fang Club”

– The Remnant with Yuval Levin

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