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We Happy Few

What did Irving Kristol have against Darwin?

Jonah’s even more bleary-eyed than usual on today’s Ruminant, which begins innocently enough before transforming into an epic rant of astonishingly nerdy proportions. After opening with a few thoughts on why free speech absolutism might actually not be something to strive for, he dives into an ultra-indulgent reflection on the legacy of Liberal Fascism prompted by a recent Niall Ferguson piece on the goals of higher education. Listeners with a penchant for intellectual history will delight in the esoteric questions raised: How did antisemitism originate? What did the Nazis do to change institutions? And how can members of the Remnant remain in high spirits?

Show Notes:

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Jonah Goldberg is editor-in-chief and co-founder of The Dispatch, based in Washington, D.C. Prior to that, enormous lizards roamed the Earth. More immediately prior to that, Jonah spent two decades at National Review, where he was a senior editor, among other things. He is also a bestselling author, longtime columnist for the Los Angeles Times, commentator for CNN, and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. When he is not writing the G-File or hosting The Remnant podcast, he finds real joy in family time, attending to his dogs and cat, and blaming Steve Hayes for various things.