We Happy Few

Jonah’s even more bleary-eyed than usual on today’s Ruminant, which begins innocently enough before transforming into an epic rant of astonishingly nerdy proportions. After opening with a few thoughts on why free speech absolutism might actually not be something to strive for, he dives into an ultra-indulgent reflection on the legacy of Liberal Fascism prompted by a recent Niall Ferguson piece on the goals of higher education. Listeners with a penchant for intellectual history will delight in the esoteric questions raised: How did antisemitism originate? What did the Nazis do to change institutions? And how can members of the Remnant remain in high spirits?

Show Notes:

Jonah: “Speaking Freely About Free Speech”

The Remnant with Sarah Isgur on Nazis marching in Skokie

Niall Ferguson: “The Treason of the Intellectuals”

Julian Benda’s The Treason of the Intellectuals

The Remnant with Bret Devereaux

Jonah on Trump the day-one dictator

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