Benjamin Netanyahu

Rafah Offensive Lays Bare U.S.-Israel Divide

Are Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden at their breaking point over Gaza’s southernmost city?

Israel, Gaza, and the ‘Day After’ Dilemma

Key stakeholders remain divided over postwar Palestinian governance.

Israel’s War Against Hamas Continues

The IDF plans to take the tunnels under Rafah as the country grapples with the tunnel under UNRWA HQ.

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s Looming Political Predicament

Can the career of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister survive this war?

The War in Gaza: Phase Three

Israeli officials announce a new strategy of precision strikes aimed at Hamas leadership.

Israel Faces Renewed Calls for Hostage Negotiations

The IDF’s accidental killing of three hostages sparks protests in Tel Aviv, but Israeli leaders remain steadfast in their desire to see Hamas eliminated.

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The Abyss Beckons

A Palestinian’s reflection on escalating suffering, persistent support for Hamas, and aspirations for peace.

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Israeli Civil Society Steps Up

Government officials look to civilian volunteer groups for help in the aftermath of October 7.

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What Calls for a Ceasefire Miss

Israel views its fight against Hamas as an existential battle.

Israel’s Limited Ground Invasion Begins

War in the dense Gaza Strip takes another deadly turn.

Israel Pares Back Judicial Reforms

Plus: Another swing and a miss by the FTC.

Israel Sidesteps a Crisis—For Now

Benjamin Netanyahu delays his judicial reform package, but his fragile governing coalition stands on a precipice.

Is Netanyahu Too Democratic?

The debate over Israeli judicial reform exposes a flawed understanding of majority rule.

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Is Benjamin Netanyahu Undermining Israeli Democracy?

The new government’s plans to reshape the judiciary have intensified already deep polarization: A Dispatch Explainer.