Identity Politics

Reflections on a Brain-Melting Masterpiece

Jorge Luis Borges’ 1940 short story mirrors the intrusiveness of identity politics.

A Defense Strategy Against ‘The Identity Trap’

Yascha Mounk’s new book explains how ‘wokeness’ hurts our culture, but omits how markets can help fight back.

I, Dentity

Or why I don’t care about where ‘identity politics’ came from.

Politics of Principle, Politics of Power

And what happens when you forgo the former for the latter.

Your Life Portfolio—and Ours

Diversify, buy-and-hold, and other secrets to the good life.

Hitting Rewind on ‘Woke’

This isn’t the first time a slogan became a tool for sowing cultural confusion.

Being Is Not a Substitute for Doing

A plague of demosclerosis.

Blasphemy in Minnesota

Art and the heckler’s veto.

Hamline Takes Quashing Academic Freedom to a Whole New Level

The college has fired an art history professor for showing students a painting depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

America’s No-Majority Future Is Going to be Delicious

It’s a story that defies the easy narratives from the era of white flight and self-segregation