The ‘Greatness’ Gimmick

Rankings and honors are just popularity contests.

The Unpollable Election

No one knows anything.

Politics by the Numbers Is Not Enough 

Neither polls nor demography can really tell candidates or journalists what will end up working.

The General Election Mirage

Voters have not yet forced themselves to consider the choice that seems likely to await them next year.

Polling on Trump’s Cases Shows Two Different Universes

Republicans are rallying around their guy, but the general electorate thinks the indictments are legit.

Issue Polling Is Still Bad

Plus, who’s headed for the debate stage?

What About the Voters, After All?

A new analysis of the midterms explains why Democrats defied expectations.

Desperate Times

A grim poll and a paralyzed country.

The Politics of Very Happy People

They don’t share a particular party affiliation, but perspective.

Rise of the Independents

But not of third parties.

The Sweep: Democrats to Continue Meddling in GOP Primaries

Plus: How South Carolina’s early contest could be bad for Haley and Scott.

The Sweep: Do Retail Politics Matter in 2024?

Plus, Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo enter the conversation.

The Sweep: How to Read the Early 2024 Primary Polls

Pay attention to who was included, where the poll was conducted, and who was asked.

Stirewaltisms: Midterm Split Decision Goes Hard on Hogwash, Emotional Blabber

The lack of humility in our political class has never been worse.