Stopping Dictatorships—On Day 1 and Every Day

To keep authoritarianism at bay, take care of the institutions of government.

Israel First?

Why MAGA Republicans sound like neocons after Hamas’ attack.

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A Wake-Up Call to Evil

It’s time for sober, serious American leadership on the world stage.

The Return of Roe

Will Democrats try to reinstate federal abortion rights?

A Party Switch Bears Fruit for the North Carolina GOP

Republicans are taking advantage of a veto-proof supermajority thanks to a Democratic defection.

Could It Be? A Policy Debate in the GOP?

The party would benefit from coming to a consensus on abortion.

Second-Tier GOP Candidates’ Breakout Strategy

Republicans who want to compete with Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have three priorities.

Vivek Ramaswamy Pitches Revival in Iowa

The political outsider is taking advantage of every opportunity he gets to connect with grassroots Republicans.

Republicans Lose Out When Local News Collapses

Small-town citizens lose ties to their community, and having fewer watchdogs means more opportunity for government waste and corruption.

Mike Pence Plots His Presidential Bid

But some question what the former vice president’s electoral path to the White House looks like.

Who Needs the MSM?

The 2024 GOP field will likely see little use for mainstream journalists. For some candidates, that might be a mistake.

Stirewaltisms: Iowa Down, But Not Out

Three years ago today the political world watched in horror as the Iowa Democratic Caucuses turned into a high-tech wreck.