The Perils of Strategic Incoherence

The Biden administration has been on a war footing with Iran and its proxies militarily while it appeases the regime diplomatically.

It’s Up to Congress to Stop the Iranian Nuclear Threat

The Biden administration is too willing to trade sanctions relief for illusory concessions.

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Assad’s Earthquake Opportunism

The regime in Damascus tries to shed its pariah status while simultaneously stalling relief work.

The National Security Implications of Charles McGonigal’s Arrest

The case shows how the government is falling short in monitoring the actions of former agents and officers.

Sanctions Have Hurt Iran’s Aviation Sector, But Not Enough

There is more the U.S. can do to keep the Islamic Republic from using planes to support dictators and terrorists.

Sanctions Are Freeing Iran

The measures have made it hard for the regime to crack down on the people.