Richard Goldberg

Richard Goldberg is a senior adviser at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He previously served as the White House National Security Council’s director for countering Iranian weapons of mass destruction.

Richard Goldberg

Biden’s Hezbollah Plan Is a Win-Win—for the Terrorists

Israel faces a harsh reality in an election year for the United States.

The Disastrous Implications of the $6 Billion Iran Hostage Deal

That it will encourage hostage diplomacy among our foes is the least of the problems.

Iran Needs an Ultimatum, Not a New Deal

The West still does not have a clear understanding of the regime’s nuclear activities.

How Sanctions Can Help Bring Home American Hostages

The Levinson Act allows the administration to target individuals, not just organizations.

The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn’t Dead

The State Department is fighting to keep it alive, even if an agreement benefits Russia and China.

Let Ukraine Defeat the Russia-Iranian War Machine

Biden’s chronic risk aversion is prolonging the war and making it more costly

Five Minutes from Disaster

The U.S. is offering Iran the deal of the millennium, and yet the Islamic Republic—and Russia—want more concessions.

Don’t Let Iran Humiliate the IAEA Again

New reporting and an IAEA assessment reveal that Iran is in violation of both the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the JCPOA.

It’s Time to Stop Giving Crypto Companies a Pass

The young industry is pushing back on attempts at regulation, but it’s undeniable that crypto is used for sanctions evasion and illicit activity.

Putin Is Making a Mockery of the United Nations

The Biden administration must finally recognize what engagement at the U.N. can and cannot do.