Reimagining the Anglosphere

How a free movement zone between the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand could work.

The Strange Idiocy of China’s COVID Response

Beijing surrenders to the virus.

Zelensky’s Historic Address

Ukraine's president visits Washington as Congress scrambles to finalize its budget for 2023.

Iran’s Battle Against the Baha’is

The Islamic Republic takes advantage of public unrest to crack down on the religious minority—including two grandmothers.

The U.N.’s Failure in Lebanon

The murder of an Irish soldier is just the latest blow to its peacekeeping mission.

Mexico Advances Controversial Election Reforms

Critics warn the changes will undermine Mexico’s democracy.

Authoritarianism’s Bad Year

Putin bungled his war with Ukraine, and China and Iran contended with massive protests.

Beijing Braces for a COVID Wave

As China reopens, the government downplays the danger of a major surge in infections.

Haiti on the Brink

Rocked by unrest since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, Haiti has requested foreign military intervention to quell gang violence and public protests against the government.

The Price of Putin’s War

From activism to retrenchment in the Middle East.

Was the Brittney Griner Deal the Right Move?

A former Defense Department official doesn’t think so: A Dispatch Q&A.

Zero-COVID’s Lasting Damage

Xi Jinping’s pandemic miscalculations could cost China big.

The Big Oversight Flaw for the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

An executive branch agency has sidestepped disclosure requirements on imports with suspected ties to forced labor.

Will a New Price Cap on Russian Oil Work?

Plus: The implications of Georgia’s Senate runoff on the 2024 presidential race.

The Islamic World’s Uyghur Silence

Muslim-majority nations turn their backs on China’s Uyghurs while decrying Islamophobia in the West.

Video: Elon vs. Apple and the China Protests

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.