Debt Ceiling

Debt Ceiling Deal Remains Elusive

Lawmakers may have only nine days to head off a default.

Discontent Grows on the Fringes Over Potential Debt Deal

It may signal a deal could emerge soon. It could also mean things are about to get messy.

Tuesday’s Make-or-Break Debt Limit Meeting

Deadline pressure is mounting for Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden to work out a deal.

Emperor Malarkey I

The president doesn’t just get to bark orders at Congress.

Democrats Urge New Gun Laws Amid Spate of Shootings

Plus: Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy begin new debt ceiling talks.

Three Ways of Looking at the Debt Ceiling

The immediate crisis might be exaggerated, but disaster looms if we don’t address spending.

Lawmakers Dig In Despite New Debt Ceiling Deadline

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says ‘X-date’ is approaching faster than anticipated.

McCarthy’s Debt-Ceiling Plan Is Built on Unrealistic Spending Caps

The fiscal benefits would likely be far below what is advertised.

A Debt Deal Still Seems Out of Sight

After passing their borrowing bill, House GOP leaders are betting Democrats will blink.

A Debt Ceiling Win Cools GOP Tensions—For Now

But some say House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has kept his No. 2, Steve Scalise, at arm’s length.

Kevin McCarthy’s Biggest Test Yet

House Republicans will have to overcome thin margins to pass a debt-ceiling bill.

The History of the Debt Ceiling, Explained

The measure was first implemented not to keep debt down but to more easily increase it.

Moderates Team Up on the Debt Ceiling

A bipartisan group has agreed on a broad framework while Kevin McCarthy readies his own plan.

Can the GOP Force Biden’s Hand on the Debt Ceiling?

House Republican leaders may pass their own bill to raise the federal borrowing limit.