Pro-lifers hope for a new anniversary to commemorate as they await a decision in Dobbs.
Plus: Some thoughts on schooling in the time of Omicron.
Ukraine in the MembraneListen now (67 min) | Jonah returns to the solo Ruminant format to end the week, reflecting on Joe Biden’s dismal first year in office and contemplating…
When Pastors Head for the ExitsListen now | Why are so many pastors considering leaving the ministry? Is it the pandemic? Is it the political and racial polarization? Is it something…
On the moral imperative of staying in your lane.
Heidi Heitkamp Talks Filibuster, Biden’s First YearListen now | On today’s episode, Sarah and Steve speak with Heidi Heitkamp, former North Dakota senator and founder of One Country Project. They cover…
Democrats look to revive parts of the stalled bill.
"We are now at a stage where Russia could, at any point, launch an attack on Ukraine."
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