Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson is a reporter at The Dispatch and currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to joining the company in 2020, she studied history and global security at the University of Virginia. When Charlotte is not keeping up with foreign policy and world affairs, she is probably trying to hone her photography skills.

Charlotte Lawson

‘An Unprecedented Mobilization’

A coalition of lawmakers, veterans, and private organizations has continued to rescue Americans and Afghans stranded under Taliban rule.

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Iron Dome Helps Israel—And Its Allies

Our military benefits from the technology, and helps stave off ground wars that could drag in other countries.

What We Learned When the Generals Went to Congress

Pentagon officials shed new light on the interagency squabbles dominating the administration’s Afghanistan policy.

‘Our Identity Has Been Hijacked’

How Afghan women are using traditional clothing to push back against the Taliban's restrictions.

The Afghans We Left Behind

A lucky few who managed to get out share stories of the relatives who haven’t.

The Private Citizens Working to Rescue Our Afghan Partners

Most are driven by their personal connections to those who have helped us the last two decades.

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‘As Far as I Understand, Nobody Likes the Regime’

Protests in Iran’s Khuzestan province are about far more than water shortages.

There’s No ‘America First’ Way to Evacuate Afghanistan

Arguing over who we should evacuate first ignores the uncomfortable truth of how little power the U.S. currently wields in Kabul.

The Chinese Communist Party at 100

Much has changed over the years, but emphasis on absolute adherence to party orthodoxy has not.

How Iran Tries to Conceal Its Meddling in Iraq

Tehran has supported Iraqi insurgent groups since the 1980s, but the fight against ISIS gave it a pretense to expand its reach into the country.