Everything I Don’t Like Is ‘Woke’

Workers prepare the stage for CPAC 2022. (Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images)

Comedian Billy Eichner used to do an amusing man-on-the-street bit in which he and a cameraman would accost passers-by in New York City and ask them inane questions, promising them a dollar if they answered correctly. “Quick,” he’d say, rushing toward someone with a dollar bill in hand, “For a dollar: Name a book.”

Usually the bystander would freeze, stunned by the intrusion and made suddenly self-conscious by the presence of the camera. “NAME A BOOK, ANY BOOK, FOR A DOLLAR,” Eichner would shout impatiently, deepening the humiliation. After a few long seconds of painful silence, as the victim regained their bearings, they’d usually manage to croak out “the Bible” or whatever and end up a dollar richer.

This clip of conservative author Bethany Mandel that’s making the rounds isn’t the same thing, but it ain’t that different.

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