Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson is a reporter covering foreign policy and world affairs. She joined The Dispatch in June 2020, after graduating from the University of Virginia. You can follow her at @lawsonreports

Charlotte Lawson

What the Leaked Zarif Interview Says About the Power Dynamic of Iranian Leadership

Plus, what to make of the Iranian foreign minister’s claim that John Kerry told him of Israeli covert operations.

Is Now Really the Time to Revive the Iran Nuclear Deal?

As the U.S. and other vested parties kicked off indirect talks, the Islamic Republic announced plans to enrich uranium to 60 percent purity.

‘The Only Defense You Have Is to Shine a Light’

Maria Ressa on fighting corruption and abuse of power as a journalist in the Philippines.

Oscars 2021 Watch Guide

The Dispatch staff breaks down this year's Best Picture contenders

How Mean Tweets—And Bad Predictions—Threaten to Derail Another Biden Nominee

Colin Kahl would be the third-ranking civilian at the Pentagon. It’s a position that demands more level-headedness than most.

The Sweep: Voting, Explained

Plus: Chris Stirewalt paints by numbers.

The Sweep: Coast-to-Coast

From California’s recall effort against Governor Newsom to the race to succeed Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York.

Clubhouse Is a Hit With Celebrities. Can It Be a Tool for Activists?

Mandarin speakers connected with users in mainland China, until the CCP caught on.

Who Is Behind the Thwarted Attacks on Riyadh?

Among the groups who could be responsible, two are backed by Iran.

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