Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson is a reporter at The Dispatch and currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to joining the company in 2020, she studied history and global security at the University of Virginia. When Charlotte is not keeping up with foreign policy and world affairs, she is probably trying to hone her photography skills.

Charlotte Lawson
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What Calls for a Ceasefire Miss

Israel views its fight against Hamas as an existential battle.

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Hezbollah Plays the Waiting Game

The Iranian-backed group continues to tease involvement in the Israel-Hamas war.

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Hamas’ Online War

How disinformation from the terrorist group and its backers reaches millions daily.

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‘Never Again Is Right Now’

As Israel confronts a genocidal adversary, the world faces a rising tide of antisemitism.

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Washington Braces for a Broader War in the Middle East

Recent attacks on U.S. troops signal the growing danger of a regional conflict.

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The White House’s Israeli Embrace

Joe Biden’s full-throated support for Israel strengthens U.S. leverage in the unfolding war.

The Taskmaster in Tehran

In the Middle East, Iran is pulling the strings.

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Is Saudi-Israeli Peace Done For?

Hamas used violence to veto normalization talks. It’s not a winning tactic.

A ‘Black Day’ in Israel

Terrorists from Gaza killed hundreds of Israelis in recent days, but the fight may just be getting started.

Iran’s Influence Operation Over Nuclear Negotiations

Government circles reward access to Tehran—even if it’s at the expense of U.S. interests.