Declan Garvey

Declan Garvey is the senior editor of The Morning Dispatch. He joined The Dispatch in September 2019 after nearly three years of public affairs consulting at Hamilton Place Strategies. He doesn't tweet much anymore, but you can follow him at @declanpgarvey.

Declan Garvey

COVID-19’s Origins Back Under the Microscope

“[Whether] this was a lab leak or not, it’s absolutely conceivable that the next epidemic could be started by a laboratory.”

Worrying Nuclear Reports Out of Iran

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The East Palestine Blame Game

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Biden Abroad, Trump at Home

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Israeli Judicial Reforms Advance Over Vocal Opposition

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SCOTUS Hears Section 230 Challenge

Where will the Court land on what's been described as the statutory pillar of the modern internet?

What Does ‘As Long as It Takes’ Mean?

Plus: What the latest Dominion filing says about Fox News’ relationship with its viewers.