Declan Garvey

Declan Garvey is the editor of The Morning Dispatch. He joined The Dispatch in September 2019 after nearly three years of public affairs consulting at Hamilton Place Strategies. He doesn't tweet much anymore, but you can follow him at @declanpgarvey.

Declan Garvey

January 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump

The former president promised a response to the summons today.

Not at Dartmouth Anymore

“If you stare at '2 + 2 = a duck' and you say ‘oh I get it,’ that’s a problem for you.”

The Morning Dispatch: Liftoff

Our new website is live—here's how to navigate the transition.

The Morning Dispatch: Economy Still Too Hot

Plus: Details about the cancelation of our 'What's Next?' conference in Naples.

The Morning Dispatch: Biden’s Oily Situation

The White House signals an aggressive response to OPEC cutting oil production.

Between Politics and Morality

Sparing an hour between driving his “friends” to and from the airport, Declan joins Sarah, ...

The Morning Dispatch: Elon Musk is (Almost Definitely) Buying Twitter

The Tesla founder announced his intent to buy the social media platform after attempting to back out of his original deal to do so.

The Morning Dispatch: About Those Nukes

Why Putin may be bluffing, and what happens next if he's not.

The Morning Dispatch: The Battle for Brazil

President Jair Bolsonaro outperforms opinion polls to earn a runoff, and right-leaning candidates pick up seats in the country’s Congress.