Ivana Stradner

Ivana Stradner is a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Ivana Stradner
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Russian Propaganda Targets the Use of Depleted Uranium in Ukraine

The munitions aren’t prohibited and are considered conventional munitions.

Russia’s Other Propaganda War

It’s not all about elections. Putin also tries to destabilize Western democracies by stoking culture wars.

The Alternative to Winning in Ukraine Is Endless War

Advocates for a hasty peace are wrong to think Russia will keep its promises or stop with Ukraine.

Time to Sanction the Kremlin’s Ministry of Truth

When media platforms obey their paymasters’ orders to become complicit in their crimes, they are no longer media.

It’s Not Just Ukraine

How Putin is trying to destabilize the rest of Europe by meddling in Moldova, Georgia, and Bosnia.

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Russia Created a Refugee Crisis, and Now Putin Is Weaponizing It

With Russia causing two migration crises—one by bloodshed in the east and the other by famine in the south—the United States must act now.

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It’s Time for NATO to Help the Baltics

Russian hackers have launched cyberattacks against Lithuania for its enforcement of EU sanctions against Kaliningrad.

Henry Kissinger’s Long History of Appeasing Dictatorships

He’s spent decades cultivating a friendship with Putin, but he’s also advocated for Iran and China.

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Why the U.S. Is Hosting a Summit With Kosovo and Serbia

While the EU has mismanaged the relationship, Russia and China have taken advantage of the power vacuum.