A Rival Economic Bloc Grows

Several nations receive invitations to join BRICS.

China’s Designs on Latin America, Explained

The U.S. adversary sees opportunities in America’s traditional sphere of influence.

A Warning to the U.S. From Brazil and Iran 

A docking by Iranian warships in Rio de Janeiro challenges the Biden administration.

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Brazil’s New President Starts His Term on a Tightrope

Lula quelled an insurrection, but he still must figure out how to contend with a divided populace and looming fiscal challenges.

Bolsonaro Supporters Wreak Havoc on Brasília

Brazilian authorities are investigating recent riots aimed at restoring the former president to power.

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The Battle Between Brazil’s Familiar Faces

Voters in South America’s largest country face a stark choice in Sunday’s presidential election: A Dispatch Explainer.