House Freedom Caucus

McCarthy Was Never the Problem

Anti-politics and the House GOP.

If Republicans Want a Better Budget Deal, They Need to Win More Elections

It’s crazy to punish Speaker Mike Johnson when the party has a tiny majority in the House.

House Approves Mike Johnson’s Stopgap Funding Bill

Congress is poised to avert Friday’s government shutdown deadline.

Setting Up the Speaker Fight Redux

The Republican conference passes up an opportunity for unity.

A Historically Bad Day for Kevin McCarthy

Plus: How one New Jersey senator’s alleged crime could benefit Sweden’s NATO bid.

Republicans’ New Shutdown Gambit

Plus: Is Gavin Newsom Democrats’ future hope?

Congress Avoids a Shutdown

After pushing through a last-minute stopgap measure to keep the government open, Kevin McCarthy’s speakership may be at risk.

Barreling Toward a Shutdown

The window is closing to fund the government before the September 30 deadline.

House Republicans Remain at an Impasse

A potential compromise brokered over the weekend appears dead on arrival due to hardliner objections.

Revving the Impeachment Engines

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces an inquiry into President Joe Biden.

How Serious Is the Threat to Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership?

The speaker announced an impeachment inquiry Tuesday while trying to appease his critics on government spending. Will it work?

Strolling Toward a Shutdown

Plus: So much for the hopes for a room-temperature superconductor.

Discontent Grows on the Fringes Over Potential Debt Deal

It may signal a deal could emerge soon. It could also mean things are about to get messy.

The GOP’s Spending Fight Is More About Fighting Than Spending

These new deficit hawks aren’t opposed to racking up debt, they just want to be the ones doing it.