Audrey Fahlberg

Audrey is a former reporter for The Dispatch.

Audrey Fahlberg

The GOP Braces for Divided Government—and a Divided Party

GOP centrists are trying to find their footing in a chaotic caucus.

Kevin McCarthy’s Moment of Truth

With the ballot just weeks away, the House minority leader is still battling to become Speaker.

‘It’s Not a Threat. It’s Being on the Damn Team.’

Republican infighting over Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid shows no signs of stopping.

Fed Keeps Foot On Rate-Hike Pedal

‘We want strong wage increases. We just want them to be at a level that’s consistent with 2 percent inflation.’

The GOP’s Hope for a Flipped Senate Script

As Senate Democrats face a tough map in 2024, Republicans recalibrate their strategy.

Democrats’ Empire State Split

New York’s progressives launch a salvo against centrists over the future of the state party.

House Republicans Begin to Pick Up the Pieces

GOP leaders find themselves with a slim majority—and questions about how to avoid disappointment again.

The Messy Speakership Battle to Come

Mystery candidates, McCarthy’s math, and how a compromise might emerge.

The Pennsylvania GOP’s Pushover Primary

Some Republicans in the Keystone State say this year’s election results show ‘how weak’ their party is.

Explaining New York’s Red Wave

Can Republicans build on the pickups they made in the Empire State?