Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson is a reporter at The Dispatch and currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to joining the company in 2020, she studied history and global security at the University of Virginia. When Charlotte is not keeping up with foreign policy and world affairs, she is probably trying to hone her photography skills.

Charlotte Lawson

Putin’s European Spy Games

As the West squeezes Russia over the war in Ukraine, the Kremlin intensifies its covert operations.

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Inside the First Ukrainian City to Fall to Russia

Kherson, in southern Ukraine, faces a humanitarian crisis and a Russian propaganda campaign.

Concessions to Iran, Russia Pile Up in Nuclear Talks

The Biden administration looks willing to make a deal on Iran’s nuclear program at all costs.

Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine Now?

Vladimir Putin has signaled his intentions for years, but few in the West took the warnings seriously.

Moscow Misjudges Ukraine and the World

The global power underestimated Ukrainian resistance and international resolve.

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Increasing the Price of Putin’s Invasion

The West considers its most effective options for frustrating Russia’s plans.

Waiting for Russia’s Next Move

Ukrainians fear the worst as they wait to see how far Putin’s invasion will go.

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Guessing Games at the Brink of War

Putin and the West continue a war of words while tensions on the Ukrainian front escalate.

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Ukrainian Civilians Don’t Want War But Are Ready to Fight

Russia’s 2014 aggression spurred a vigilant society.

How Russian Propaganda Paints the West as Aggressors in Ukraine

Whether Putin invades or stands down, Russian media peg him as the good guy.