Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson is a reporter at The Dispatch and currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to joining the company in 2020, she studied history and global security at the University of Virginia. When Charlotte is not keeping up with foreign policy and world affairs, she is probably trying to hone her photography skills.

Charlotte Lawson

How Women Led the Way as the GOP Made Gains in the House

The GOP will have a record number of female members in the new Congress.

Kabul Violence Highlights Failure of Afghan Peace Process

A breakthrough between the Taliban and the government seems unlikely.

Will the Vote Be Legitimate?

From mail-in voting to the pandemic to disinformation campaigns, elections look very different this year. The people running them in dozens of states are confident they've pulled it off.

The Strange Case of Guo Wengui

The Chinese billionaire and Bannon associate behind the latest Hunter Biden leaks has been alternately praised as a CCP dissident and accused of being their agent.

First Xinjiang, Now Tibet

The Chinese government is using forced labor and large-scale ’re-education’ against another ethnic minority.

Trump’s Illness Exposes Weakness In Our Continuity-of-Government Provisions

What happens if a candidate is incapacitated during after Election Day but before inauguration?

Development and Taxation Threaten the Last Remaining Gullah Community

In Hog Hammock, a community on Sapelo Island, residents have faced property tax increases of 1,000 percent in one year while seeing no increase in services.

Can Emmanuel Macron Fix Lebanon?

The French president's humanitarian offerings come with strings attached, and his meeting with Hezbollah risks alienating the Lebanese people.

Did Trump Officials Commit Violations of the Hatch Act during the RNC? An Explainer.

How the law came to be, and why it's so difficult to enforce.