Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson is a reporter covering foreign policy and world affairs. She joined The Dispatch in June 2020, after graduating from the University of Virginia. You can follow her at @lawsonreports

Charlotte Lawson

Guessing Games at the Brink of War

Putin and the West continue a war of words while tensions on the Ukrainian front escalate.

Ukrainian Civilians Don’t Want War But Are Ready to Fight

Russia’s 2014 aggression spurred a vigilant society.

How Russian Propaganda Paints the West as Aggressors in Ukraine

Whether Putin invades or stands down, Russian media peg him as the good guy.

Iran’s Heir Apparent and a Divided Diaspora

The son of the last shah hopes for a democratic future.

As Americans Consider Evacuating, Ukrainians Prepare for a Fight

An impending Russian invasion brings echoes of Afghanistan.

The Scramble to Resettle Allies from Afghanistan

The bungled U.S. evacuation and depleted support system leave tens of thousands in limbo.

Senate Takes Up Legislation on Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

The White House is pushing Democrats to vote against the measure.

‘As We Look Back, It Has Just Disappeared’

Naheed Farid worked to advance the cause of women and minorities in Afghanistan —until the Taliban returned to power.

Defense Bill Hits a Snag in the Senate

Bipartisan plans for a quick vote on amendments broke down Wednesday night.

Why Is Turkey Selling Drones to Ukraine?

Recep Erdoğan and Vladimir Putin enjoy close personal relations but keep finding themselves at opposing ends of various conflicts.