Government Shutdown

Congress Avoids a Shutdown … For Now

The House and Senate pass another laddered continuing resolution to fund the government until early March.

Rung by Rung

Speaker Mike Johnson’s ‘laddered’ continuing resolution passes the House with bipartisan support.

House Approves Mike Johnson’s Stopgap Funding Bill

Congress is poised to avert Friday’s government shutdown deadline.

House GOP Gives Mike Johnson (Some) Leeway in Averting a Shutdown

Plus: Are censures in the House too frequent?

The (Very Recent) Past is Prologue

House Republicans find themselves in familiar territory.

Kevin’s Best Friend

Having Matt Gaetz as a foil isn’t the worst thing.

Congress Avoids a Shutdown

After pushing through a last-minute stopgap measure to keep the government open, Kevin McCarthy’s speakership may be at risk.

Our Best Stuff From a Week the Government Didn’t Shut Down

Plus, the pro-life movement at the crossroads, and Trump is getting even worse.

The Impending Government Shutdown Is Nothing but Theater

The loudest Republicans have failed to produce any coherent strategy to rein in deficits.

Fiscal Wishes Meet Shutdown Realities

A government shutdown won’t actually improve America’s fiscal trajectory.

When the Stupid Futility Is the Point

Republican hardliners can’t seem to quell their almost Freudian compulsion to lose.

Barreling Toward a Shutdown

The window is closing to fund the government before the September 30 deadline.

House Republicans Remain at an Impasse

A potential compromise brokered over the weekend appears dead on arrival due to hardliner objections.

The Impeachment Drumbeat

Plus: The House and Senate deal with shutdown drama.

Strolling Toward a Shutdown

Plus: So much for the hopes for a room-temperature superconductor.